Power Storage

Our Power Storage Solution opens up new opportunities for renewable integration and grid stabilization.

Our Power solution is designed for utilities, renewable operators or industrial customers seeking a flawless integration of renewable in the power grid. Wind and solar energy are by nature intermittent. Their fluctuating behavior stresses the stability of the power grid leading in many cases to curtailment of renewables. Clean energy is frequently wasted. Our Power Storage Solution solves these challenges, providing significant benefits:

Our power Storage solution solves these challenges, providing significant benefits:

  • Shape solar and wind generation profile.
  • Provide grid congestion relief: installed close to a wind or solar park, it absorbs the excess energy and avoids curtailment of wind or solar generation during grid congestion periods.
  • Increase local consumption: no expensive grid extensions are needed.
  • Provide ancillary services including frequency regulation for stabilizing the power grid.
  • Generate additional revenues in the energy trading market.

Reduce fuel consumption: replace polluting and expensive diesel generation by clean and affordable energy in remote areas and islands.