The Lebens Power Energy Management System: reliable, cloud based, a million Watts smarter!

Our Lebens Power Energy Management System is the intelligent brain of a green ecosystem and our energy storage solution. With its advanced algorithms, it ensures an optimal operation by:

  1. Connecting all components of the Lebens Power Energy Storage (LPES) solution such as batteries, inverters and switchgear for reliable system functioning and real time data exchange.
  2. Communicating with other energy assets that the storage system is coupled to, such as PV, wind, combined-heat-and-power plant and diesel generators. Additionally LPES interacts with electricity market participants, building energy management systems and with the energy trade exchange.
  3. Analyzing and storing the operational data. Based on customer preference, LPES stores the information either on-site, on a secured server or on the cloud for remote monitoring and performance analysis.

By using energy intelligently, the LPES enables immense cost reductions through an optimized system operation for maximum safety, system life and customer savings.